Coach or Babysitter?

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Coach or Babysitter?

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A coach is an instructor, whether it be martial arts, football, or weight lifting. They should have an understanding deep enough to explain it effectively to others so that the people they are coaching perform a given task correctly, efficiently and that they improve faster than the coach did in their progression. A coach is not someone who cheers every rep and tells you how awesome you are.  This distinction is important for people that want to improve their performance.

A coach should also have a logical approach to training. Training, not exercise. Time is scarce, and should not be squandered on silliness. A logical approach saves time for both coach and client.

In this article Dan and Rip explain, more about what a coach is and what a coach isn’t. If you want to perform and you’ve heard things explained with vague opinion based reasoning you don’t have a coach. Use this article to help you figure out your criteria for a coach so you can achieve your goals.


What Is A Coach?

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