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Caitlyn Slays 100lb Press

Caitlyn has been working towards this goal for a while and finally achieved it on the 28th of December 2017. This was the result of a planned progression, patient application of sensible programming, and  her personal dedication to training. Caitlyn is currently a Masters Student of Biotechnology at University of Nevada, Reno. She has also qualified for the USPA National Meet in July. Good job Caitlyn!

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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Strength Article

Part of the argument is not that Eddie Hall beats Marcelo Garcia in a grappling match, rather that Marcelo Garcia would be more of a monster if he were stronger. Another part is that “functional” training is not as functional as strength training.


Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Strength

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Coach or Babysitter?

Category : Article

A coach is an instructor, whether it be martial arts, football, or weight lifting. They should have an understanding deep enough to explain it effectively to others so that the people they are coaching perform a given task correctly, efficiently and that they improve faster than the coach did in their progression. A coach is not someone who cheers every rep and tells you how awesome you are.  This distinction is important for people that want to improve their performance.

A coach should also have a logical approach to training. Training, not exercise. Time is scarce, and should not be squandered on silliness. A logical approach saves time for both coach and client.

In this article Dan and Rip explain, more about what a coach is and what a coach isn’t. If you want to perform and you’ve heard things explained with vague opinion based reasoning you don’t have a coach. Use this article to help you figure out your criteria for a coach so you can achieve your goals.


What Is A Coach?

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Training With Low Back Pain

Category : Education , Recovery , Science , Videos

Will Morris DPT presenting on training with low back pain to the Starting Strength Coaches Association. Imagine being twenty years old and a doctor telling you that you will never be able to train again, that this point in time is the absolute peak of your health, simply terrible.

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Winter Is Coming

Category : Community

Being cold sucks, be warm instead.

These limited quantity items will do the job.

The heavyweight zip up sweatshirt (grey) features a thermal lining and a durable shell screen printed to last. 60/40 polyester/cotton blend available in Men’s sizes XS, S, M, XL, 2XL (Sorry no L). $50 includes shipping to US addresses.

The lightweight zip up sweatshirt (purple) features a 50/50 polyester/preshrunk cotton blend screen printed. Available in Women’s sizes S, M, L. $35 includes shipping to US addresses.

The beanies are available with lining in black and neon pink, without lining in black and purple. All models have an embroidered logo. $18 lined $16 without includes shipping US addresses.

Photo Sep 06, 12 25 57





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Starting Strength Online Coaching Launching Soon!

Coaching helps people get better results faster than had they run through the process of trial and error alone. People seek out coaching for this reason. Online coaching provides flexibility in location and schedule for folks that have no access to an in-person coach. However, the internet is dark and full of terrors. Sometimes it seems as though to be an online coach all you need is an Instagram account, some good genetics, and colorful scientific sounding words. Thankfully Starting Strength has entered the fray: online coaching that has a logical basis, formed from decades of in-person experience. Use the experience of Starting Strength Coaches to GET STRONG.

Learn more: The Launch of Strarting Strength Online Coaching

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The Doctors Are In With Some Knowledge

Category : Articles , Community , Science

Doctors Baraki and Fiegenbuam discuss the idea of screening an asymptomatic client before begining training in this article. Is the functional movement screening (FMS) necessary before beginning barbell training? Probably not. Despite what your mother told you, it is unlikely that you are special snowflake. Every month people attend the Starting Strength Seminars with out any type of physical screening  and this is what happens: “Unless injured or too physically weak to perform the full lifts, everyone – including the most special of snowflakes – can learn to squat below parallel, press overhead, and correctly pull a barbell off the floor on day 1.”


Hiding Behind Smoke Screens

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Niki Sims With a Contribution to Help HuMANity

Category : Articles , Community , Opinion

Starting Strength Coach Niki Sims provides insight into a common problem: coaching a significant other, sometimes referred to as “mansplaining”. Many of us want to share the benefits of barbell training with our favorite people. While we’re “just trying to help,” we probably won’t accomplish this. To help paint this in your mind, I want you to think of a time you told your significant other to do something they didn’t want to do. How did that go? Here’s a pro tip: people like to do things that are their idea. If and when your significant other decides to start training get them a coach, and one that isn’t you. All involved will have a better experience.

The Boyfriend Problem

Here is a short video that helps explain the problem in a different context: