AJ’s Year Long Journey

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AJ’s Year Long Journey

AJ has been training specifically training for strength for a year now. Here are his words and his numbers illustrating what can happen with dedication and a well thought out and executed training program. You did the work man

“Today marks a year of strength training/powerlifting! There is no secret, and I didn’t use anything fancy besides the regular ol’ “brotein” and creatine(which I just started in October). It just took time, dedicated coaching, twinkies, and the actual lifting of a barbell; adding a little more weight every week. I never thought this journey would be so successful and didn’t even dream that I’d be working with some of the greatest powerlifters in the world. A year later I have the best(and most lethal) coaching staff, four great sponsors, and of course…only the best most supportive people behind me. This all wouldn’t be possible if Adam Lauritzen didn’t send me the Dropbox which had the “Texas Method.” Thank you for everything you do, especially when you spend four hours every Friday night coaching me, making sure I don’t die. No one has ever said “I lost because I was too strong.” On a side note, my current numbers are pretty outdated, I should be PRing soon though!”

AJ's Numbers

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