Sleep, It’s Important

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Sleep, It’s Important

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Here is a Ted Talk by Dr. Kirk Parsley regarding sleep. Having seen a different presentation in person, his story went like this: Dr. Parsley was a Navy SEAL, went to medical school and came back to the teams as a physician. He was given a federally funded facility for sports injuries and the number one complaint he received from Seals was the inability to sleep. His patients were taking four times the recommended dose of Ambien and only getting a few hours of sleep nightly. From that point he began to look at sleep in a new way. The talk doesn’t get into that but I think it’s a nice background


The video is about 17 minutes and gives some great reasons for getting more sleep. Sleep helps you get strong, lose fat and enjoy life. Sleep more, from 7.5 to 9 hours a night. Do this in total darkness, not even the light from your clock; to the point that you can wave your hand in front of your face and not be able to see it. When you get in bed it should be to do either of two things: sleep or sex. This would mean no television or reading in bed, train yourself to go to sleep when you get in bed.

Dr. Parsley Ted Talk

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