Everyone Can Benefit From Having A Coach, Even A Coach

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Everyone Can Benefit From Having A Coach, Even A Coach

As weights get heavier small flaws in form creep in making lifts harder, at a point when the loudest thought in your mind is “this is heavy.” You can get through the lift but not as cleanly as you would have liked. At some point this will happen in everyone’s training. So what can you do? Sure you could film yourself, but there are a few problems with that. One problem is that generally you can only get one angle of your lift. Another problem is the lack of immediate feedback for each repetition as they occur, meaning you have to wait to see the film before you can make an adjustment. The superior option is to get a coach. A coach can (and should) look at the movement from multiple angles and give you feedback with adjustments while you are under the bar.

I am fortunate to have Starting Strength Coach Nick Delgadillo right here in Reno. Nick and I met at Silverback Strength and Conditioning and got to work. I knew something wasn’t quite right with my squat but I couldn’t put my finger on it. As expected the warm up weights were fine, and as I got into my work set I was relaxing my low back a little bit. Obviously I couldn’t see this, but Nick could. I had the feedback to correct the problem right then, and be aware of it for the future. Had I not talked to Nick I would have wasted training time, maybe weeks or months, until I figured it out on my own. As it happens I was able to progress in the following squat session and it felt great. Still heavy, still challenging but I didn’t have to wonder about my form.

The moral of the story is: get a good coach. Right now. Everyone needs a coach, even coaches. A fresh, trained pair of eyes that can see what you can’t will only benefit you. It will save you time on the way to achieving your goals.

Adam Lauritzen
President, Silverback Strength and Conditioning

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