Crossfit a Passing Fad? Not Likely

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Crossfit a Passing Fad? Not Likely

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Crossfit has done a lot for the fitness industry, not the least of which is reminding people that hard work actually gets results. This article asserts that Crossfit is a passing trend like Zumba, I disagree. The Crossfit community has been built on shared suffering, arbitrary programming to avoid boredom,  and a cult like sense of belonging. There is a market for these things, obviously. However there is a market that Crossfit doesn’t serve very well. This population is comprised partly of people that have done Crossfit, liked it initially, and now want to improve in a quantifiable way and they choose a sport (usually not running but either variety of weightlifting, go figure).  The other part are people that aren’t looking for an intense competitive environment that Crossfit cultivates. People further up in age that have no desire to get hurt because they know how long it will take to recover, sometimes weeks.

One thing I do agree with is that home exercise equipment is useless for the vast majority of people because they don’t use it. If you go to a gym you are there to do something that will require and expenditure of energy, hopefully in a useful way. When you get home from work you can look at that bowflex, with the laundry that rests upon it, and think you’ll do it later, after your nap or Sons of Anarchy. This is not a recipe for success.

I fell into the first category, I did Crossfit and I liked it. After a while though I wanted something more. When I left Crossfit I chose weightlifting and I haven’t looked back. I lift and push the prowler and I can do what I want outside of the gym. Crossfit is a great way to introduce you to fitness and new things that you may not have considered before. Whether you stay with Crossfit or move on to something more specific you will still be better than you were before.

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