Strength In Combat Article

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Strength In Combat Article

A nation’s survival is dependent on many things, not the least of which is its ability to endure conflict. The last resort is an armed clash of wills to resolve irreconcilable differences between belligerents, also known as war. The idea is to make the government we disagree with do what we want them to do by applying force. This force is most effective if it is applied by people on the ground, in the face of the enemy and his people. These people should be strong enough to survive the most intimate combat with the enemy. If they are not, their country runs the risk of losing the war and likely their way of life. This article gives examples throughout of singular acts of valor in modern conflicts. The examples given illustrate how physical strength has been, is, and will always be necessary in physical disagreements between nations, groups, or ideologies.

Cardiovascular endurance is easier to acquire than strength.  It is the opinion of the author that more physical training time needs to be invested in acquiring strength and maintaining it throughout a service member’s career.

Strength In Combat

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