Sleep Revisited and Expanded

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Sleep Revisited and Expanded

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Sleep is important even if you are not training. Sleep is especially important if you are training. The videos below are a little older but the message is still relevant. The first video is a brief discussion by Dr. Kirk Parsley filmed for SEALFIT where he summarizes some of the effects of lack of sleep and some key points to start fixing the problem. Dr. Charles A. Czeisler, MD, PhD of Harvard Medical School presents a more in depth look at this problem for children and some Q&A.

In an effort to help facilitate better sleep, Silverback Strength and Conditioning is offering Doc Parsely’s Sleep Remedy. The powder is mixed with water and taken about 30 minutes before bed time. The idea is to provide the user with the optimal amount of natural nutrients to kick start the sleeping process. Stop by or contact us for details.


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