Niki Sims With a Contribution to Help HuMANity

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Niki Sims With a Contribution to Help HuMANity

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Starting Strength Coach Niki Sims provides insight into a common problem: coaching a significant other, sometimes referred to as “mansplaining”. Many of us want to share the benefits of barbell training with our favorite people. While we’re “just trying to help,” we probably won’t accomplish this. To help paint this in your mind, I want you to think of a time you told your significant other to do something they didn’t want to do. How did that go? Here’s a pro tip: people like to do things that are their idea. If and when your significant other decides to start training get them a coach, and one that isn’t you. All involved will have a better experience.

The Boyfriend Problem

Here is a short video that helps explain the problem in a different context:

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