I entered the weight lifting world very hesitantly, assuming (you know how the saying goes) that I would get big and bulky. I was wrong. I had just finished running a half marathon and was constantly in some sort of pain. With excellent coaching and custom programming from Adam Lauritzen at Silverback Strength and Conditioning, I have dropped a dress size and actually enjoy working out. Thanks Adam!


Melissa has scoliosis requiring two steel rods to keep her spine in place. She started out doing crossfit to be healthier and was injured while training crossfit. Now she is lifting progressively heavier weights and conditioning with confidence.

As an unfit person, I was intimidated by the weightlifting program. But Adam has helped me succeed not just in making physical gains, but also tackling the mental issues in physically challenging programs. No one has done more to help me believe that I can overcome the challenges I face every time I set-up for a lift. Every moment is a teaching moment, and Adam keeps safety a priority even as we push our physical boundaries and have fun doing it. I look forward to continuing my work with Adam and getting stronger.”



Brenda began the program after being recruited by a family member. When she arrived Brenda could not squat below parallel without losing her balance. She now squats 176 pounds for a set of five repetitions during her maintenance cycle.

Adam has a way of making me feel that I can squat, press or lift more than I ever imagined I could. He never treats me like I’m too old or too inexperienced to learn strength training or conditioning. Adam has an uncanny sense and awareness of where each of us is at in our training and if I or someone else is struggling and/or not progressing as we would like, he’ll alter our routine not only so that we achieve our goals, but so that we surpass them! I think he wants us to succeed almost more that we do. Adam is driven to help older people be strong and I consider myself lucky that I have found him!”



Mickey started with crossfit and after seeing limited results, she started weight training.

I have had the benefit of having Adam Lauritzen as a fitness coach/trainer for over 2 years. Adam’s coaching style is thorough and comprehensive. He takes the time to educate us as to why our form is important not only to help avoid injuries but to help us understand the mechanics so we get the most benefit from our efforts. Adam puts our goals ahead of his; he is able to walk the fine line between tempering our over-zealous enthusiasm and building our confidence to try more. Since working with Adam, I have gained muscle mass, suspended loss in bone density, and have a renewed interest in being active; all very important components to aging successfully.” Mickey Smith 56 years old.



Jon was looking for someone to check his form so he could avoid injury and progress to higher weights to support his skiing.

It gives me great pleasure in sharing my personal training experiences with Adam Lauritzen. As a full time PSIA level 3 ski instructor, strength, conditioning, and safety are all key element needed in performing my job at the highest level possible. I can’t have one element without the others because I never know what the ski terrain or weather will be like on any given day or hour to hour? I’ve tried other fitness programs like crossfit, but I was always exhausted, wasn’t getting stronger, and still needed to ice my knees nightly after skiing. The personal training Adam provides has made me stronger, more flexible, and mentally capable to handle any ski terrain, weather condition, and able to ski all day without having to ice my knees. I’m now in my 50’s and able to ski as hard as any 20 year old on the mountain. Thank you Adam” Jon Jacobson



Jeanne was motivated to start weight training when she investigated different diets to improve her quality of life and longevity.

I am 63 years old. Before Adam introduced me to strength training, it had never crossed my mind. I’ve done plenty of aerobics classes through the years. I always considered lifting weights as a category for men. Well now I know different. I have been strength training for about 1½ years. I am strong and solid. I have made many strides which I would have not thought possible. It has been challenging and very rewarding. Adam’s coaching has been customized to me and my body. He has been conscientious and encouraging giving me confidence to continue. I’m not getting any younger, but I’m getting stronger as I lift my way through my years as a senior citizen.” Jeanne Yocum



Rebekah came to improve her performance at crossfit. She is a vegan and was having a hard time making strength gains. Rebekah is now more capable and more confident.

Adam Lauritzen is an amazing coach. He works well with people at any fitness level, taking into account each person’s individual needs and goals. He helped to transform me from a casual crossfit enthusiast to a woman who now views herself as an athlete, from a person who works out to a person who trains. Thanks to Adam, I have come to understand the importance of adding regular weightlifting into my fitness routine. With his guidance, my lifting form has drastically improved, and I have seen impressive gains in strength. He is also extremely knowledgeable about the role that nutrition plays in athletic performance, and he has been able to educate me about supplements and protein options that will help me as a vegan to continue to reach my fitness goals within the confines of my dietary restrictions. Adam’s dedication to his clients and his commitment to their achievement is evident in the personal attention he shows each one of us.” 


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