Little Old Lady Setting Records

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It’s Time to Start Training

Do you have training plans for next year, or are you planning to exercise? Training implies that you are working toward a goal. Exercising is often confused with training, but is less effective.The best time to start training is as soon as you know you have a goal or want to make a change. Holidays are over now it time to get to work.

Why You Should Make Strength Training Your New Years Resolution

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Starting Strength Camps Series!

Silverback Strength and Conditioning is very excited to host all three Starting Strength Camps on three consecutive weekends in January. Each camp will begin with a lecture covering theory, anatomy, and some physics. The day will then continue with a practical application session where participants will get time to perform the lifts while being coached. A discussion regarding programming and common technical errors will finish out the day. The camps are designed for all lifters whether it is to learn the lifts, improve the lifts or just get coached in real time. Each camp is limited to 8 participants to ensure quality personal instruction.

Squat Camp

Press Camp

Pull Camp

All three camps will be taught by Starting Strength Staff Coach Nick Delgadillo, aka Coach Nikolai. Nick Delgadillo

Nick has been a Starting Strength Coach since 2011,  coaching and teaching for over 10 years. In addition to nearly a decade as a Muay Thai practitioner, he is a certified Krav Maga Instructor through Krav Maga Worldwide and Alpha Krav Maga and has trained hundreds of civilian, law enforcement, private security and military personnel in basic and advanced defensive tactics and close combat techniques. Nick serves on the Starting Strength Seminar Staff and is a strength coach at American Iron Gym in Reno, NV. He also owns Contact Combat Institute which specializes in high stress training for personal protection and strength coaching.

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Nerd Fitness: Staci

Meet Staci

Staci has made quite a fitness odyssey, beginning at age 25 weighing 170 lbs, a year later at 117 lbs, and the following year weighed 140 lbs, but deadlifting 315 lbs (2 1/4 times her body weight). The article is quite thorough not only telling the story but gives an example of her diet and discusses tracking her progress to ensure she was getting results she wanted. My favorite part is her ditching the scale and realizing weight (meaning mass) doesn’t mean all that much if your body composition is where you want it. The article also does a good job of showing the evolution of Staci in an aesthetic sense, there are comparative pictures throughout.


Staci Before and After

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An Osteopenia Question

Osteopenia and Weightlifting

Osteopenia and osteoporosis are problems that confront many people, especially women, as they age. Both conditions are essentially an increase in fragility of bones. This is why falling down as one gets older my be a catastrophic event. In the link below Dr. Anthony Komaroff a physician and professor at Harvard Medical School answers a question regarding osteopenia then goes on to explain how strength training works to treat and prevent these afflictions. I have personally had two occurrences in the last year that provide opposite ends of the spectrum relating to this. The first is my mother, who has been training with me for nearly two years. She is 65 and fell onto her hip a few months ago. Happily all she received was a significant bruise but no damage to her bones. The second is my uncle, who was quite a bit older (pushing 90) did not strength train later in his life. He fell and broke his hip, within five days of surgery to fix it he was sent home to recover and died. Realize I understand they have different circumstances but that’s sort of the point. Had my uncle been told to lift weights he’d probably have not needed to hip surgery and would have had a higher quality of life. My mother has I high quality of life now and will continue to have an independent for a long time because of the time she is investing now.


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Fitness Crazed Article

Fitness Crazed by Dan Duane

Writer Dan Duane gives a brief description of what is wrong with the fitness industry and then goes on to explain how he came to Starting Strength. Dan also shares some of his experience on the program.